Cisco Home Website Redesign

Cisco Home Website Redesign

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30 Years of CISCO 

CISCO Home has been a powerhouse in the furniture industry for 30 years. They’ve set the standards for sustainable and ethically made products for generations to come. In their third decade, CISCO has expanded its leading role in furniture design by opening up their own retail shops and consistently supporting the Craftsmakers, management, and retailers that make up the CISCO family. 


We’ve enjoyed working alongside them for a while and launching the rebranding of their website has been something we’ve dreamed of for a long time. Defining what the Cisco Home brand represents and how to tell those stories on the internet has been years in the making. Our goal with reinvigorating their web presence was making handcrafted, sustainable furniture available to more people and making this mainstream.

It’s a rarity nowadays in the creative world, but everything on the website is us. Everything you see on the site was completely designed by Small Green Door from the photographs, lines of texts, documents, icons, and logos.


Enhancing the Brand Experience

The joys about working with Cisco Home is that it’s not just a brand or company. They’re also a family. Instead of a catalog kind of design for their website, we wanted to put the brand experience at the forefront for the user. 

We sought out to capture the editorial and inspirational aesthetic with the Our Story and Our Journal page additions. These two pages capture what it’s like to be a part of the Cisco family and take part in the Cisco Home journey. Through these two pages, we hope that anyone who views the site will have the same feeling we had designing it, which is: I want to live just like this. 


The Power in Sharing Stories

Cisco Home remains the industry standard. This standard not only shows itself in their designs, products, and stores, but it is also apparent with their online presence. The World Wide Web is more important than ever, so we crafted Cisco’s Inspiring Places page for the sole purpose of promoting designers, architects, and others who use Cisco products throughout their home.

We’re going beyond the studio furniture shoots and staged showcase shoots. We’re reposting and sharing stories of the customers who make up the Cisco family. It’s not just the brand Cisco Home, but this page highlights and represents the real people behind the purchases.

Seek and You Shall Find

If sustainability is a lifestyle choice for you and your home, then you’ve probably heard of Cisco Home. There has been a lot of growth with Cisco Home over the past 30 years. They wholesale items to retailers and have become a national presence with stores on the West and East coast. If you’re looking for the nearest retailer, we’ve made map searching easier. Just enter your address and voila- the closest retailer, partner, or exclusive home locations will appear. We’ve made it easier for you to test-drive the comfort that  Cisco Home offers.