Enter the ROOD VAIL

Enter the ROOD VAIL

You experienced the Vail, took in the art's vibrations, and cleansed your energy. Here's the recap.
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Last Saturday, we welcomed over 150 people into the studio for Rood Vail, an exhibition of spiritual art, sound healing, and energy purification.

 Guests were greeted at the door by the smell of incense and the featured artist Isaac “Chaco” Ruelas, who guided them through the labyrinth they painted on the studio floor. The immersive installation was a way for viewers to experience the outfitted sculpture they designed from all angles before heading into the back gallery.

There, works of sacred geometry covered the walls. Each piece pertained to a different aspect of spirituality, whether it was designed to work with a specific chakra or emit particular healing vibrations. On the floor in front of the works, repurposed tree trunks acted as the base for a sacred altar. Each altar was fitted with an arrangement of crystals, stones, and herbs that were picked specifically for the painting it paired with. 


“It was great having everyone visit the gallery and participate in both the labyrinth and the sound bath so they could really experience the intention behind the artwork. My intention was to have everyone be truly present in the evening’s moments, with all the pieces getting us there, without judgment, accepting it as it is,” Chaco said.

 Ava Milva, a spiritual teacher and self-described sound alchemist, held two ritual sessions of restorative healing through vibration. She bathed attendees in the soothing sounds of her sacred instruments. Some fell asleep on the floor, others found themselves in a euphoric daze, but everyone was in awe of the power a sound bath has on the human mind, body, and spirit. 


As a pick-me-up post-sound bath, Inquisitors Brewing served up delicious end-of-summer beers that were as much of a hit as the evening itself.


“This work is all about accessing our intuitive higher-self, which can only be a guiding force in the present moment. I hope the exhibition allowed people to arrive at that sacred place within themselves, and see their person and own journey through the eyes of the shaman,” Chaco said.

If you couldn’t make it out to the opening but are interested in viewing the artwork, reach out to haley@smallgreendoor.com to schedule a private showing alongside Chaco.

Sign up for Chaco’s patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/ThisisChaco