Meet the Playwright Behind Lady Under Light, Dominique Carrieri!

Meet the Playwright Behind Lady Under Light, Dominique Carrieri!

Since Lady Under Light has been fully funded, it's time to meet the playwright behind it! Get to know Dominique Carrieri, a studied actor, an accomplished writer, and fellow "creative force for good."
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Just last month, we announced our debut theatre production, Lady Under Light. From the time it was announced to now, the production has raised over $2,000, doubling its initial goal! If you contributed to the fundraiser, reach out to us so we can get you your gear.


 (Here is a photo of our Producer and SGD team member, Haley, with Stagehand Toast looking very excited about the shirts!)


 (Dominique is equally as excited about the hats!)


Since funding has been secured and the production can enter its next phase, we thought you should meet the talented playwright behind the story, Dominique Carrieri!

Dominique grew up in a small town outside of New York City where she learned to write before she could read. Her curiosity and love for people led her to pursue a career in the arts.

She migrated to Boston and earned her BFA in Theatre Studies at Emerson College, where she concentrated in acting and minored in Women’s Studies.

Moving Clouds, her first play, was curated and debuted in London at Pentameters Theatre in 2015. The show was a modern-day spin on the story of Joan of Arc. She wrote, directed and acted in the play with Michael Dickinson, an incredibly gifted human she met during her travels.




The second, Echo, she wrote and directed with fellow creator Alex Smith. The show premiered at Emerson College and told the story of a “before life,” a place where souls may go before they enter human bodies.




A poet before much else, Lady Under Light was inspired by a poem Dominique wrote about a sweet stranger sleeping on the sidewalk near her first apartment here in Los Angeles. The play serves as a backstory for this woman and pays tribute to all women who’ve felt abandoned by the world.

She’s thrilled to be donating the majority of the proceeds from this show to The Alexandria House, a gesture in line with her everyday work involving The Hollywood Food Coalition and mentoring young women through the nonprofit, WriteGirl.

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