SGD Offers Remote Photography

SGD Offers Remote Photography

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Need content? Photography? SGD has a fix for that. 

Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 quarantine SGD photographer, Dunja Dumanski, will continue working safely in our Commerce California studio.

Due to the necessary closure of traditional retail, many companies have begun increasing the importance of online promotional materials and e-commerce. Unfortunately, widespread quarantine has forced the majority of studios and workspaces to close down for the time being. 

The aforementioned closure has created an immediate supply and demand imbalance for generating necessary digital content. Additionally, many brands that are already digitally oriented cannot afford to delay set shooting schedules. Watching brands struggle to meet deadlines and fulfill important quotas during such unprecedented times has inspired Dunja and SGD to offer remote product photography for all SGD clients. 

Dunja has specialized in product and flat-lay photography for many years now; said expertise has helped her create a seamless and hands-off shooting process that allows our clients to successfully manage remote photoshoots. 

SGD is dedicated to creating a flexible work environment by adapting to your creative needs during this time of uncertainty.

The Process: 


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