Tiny Shed LA

Tiny Shed LA

Small Green Door Introduces Tiny Shed LA.
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People playing music in the shed.

Small Green Door presents Tiny Shed LA.


On January 6th, 2020 the team at Small Green Door launched our latest community-building venture, Tiny Shed LA. It’s hard to define what Tiny Shed LA represents unless one experiences it in person. Is it an art project building space? A multi-purpose art collaboration studio? Is it a music venue? 


In reality, Tiny Shed LA is all that and more. Created for the purpose of allowing musical artists a space to experiment, collaborate, and express their passion; Tiny Shed LA provides a cozy yet vivacious haven that always exudes good vibes.  


For more information on our newest venture, check out writer Emily Lautch’s feature on TSLA's newly launched website. Emily’s piece provides a glimpse into the minds of those putting the integrity back in music, one artist at a time.  

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Tiny Shed logo.