Nestled in the hills of southern France, Domaine de Cala crafts some of Provence’s finest rosé. Led by celebrity chef Joachim Splichal, Domaine de Cala boasts a selection of award-winning wines and elegant flavors.


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Cala came to us in 2018 to help redesign their packaging. They wanted to create an elegant and interactive experience for their customers with every bottle. Our team knew the redesign had to be reflective of the brand itself, highlighting its unique team, location, and wine-making methods.


Inside every box of Cala lies a menu-shaped booklet inspired by the world-renowned chef who started it all. Each page tells the story of Cala through the colorful, sophisticated imagery shot by our team at their vineyard in France.

The bottle is wrapped in a map of the domaine that is held in place by a wax seal stamped with the Cala logo. Customers remove the wax seal and uncover the layout of the land: where the grapes grow, where the wine is made, and a few other hidden gems that live on the Cala vineyard.


Cala wanted photographers who understood how to capture the sophistication of their wine and those who enjoy it. Our team shot product, marketing, and lifestyle imagery that was used on Cala’s social channels, in their package design, and their upcoming website relaunch. Whether we shot on a sunny beach in Malibu, a dimly-lit restaurant, on their vineyard in France, or from the comfort of our own studio, we delivered collections of photographs that speak to the elegance of Domaine de Cala.


We’re currently in the process of redesigning the Domaine de Cala website and are expecting to complete it in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for the new launch!