DOPE Logo with Flying Pants Shot by Los Angeles Creative Branding Agency Small Green Door


Drawing inspiration from luxury lifestyle and street culture, DOPE is an elevated streetwear clothing and accessories brand with a strong following of tastemakers and music icons. DOPE approached Small Green Door early on in their brand journey when they had just moved from Indiana to LA with one little brick and mortar store.


E-commerce Web Design, User Experience Design, Lifestyle Photography, Creative Direction

DOPE Clothing Lifestyle Photography, Product on Boxes by Small Green Door Creative Branding Agency in Los Angeles
Model in DOPE Clothing Camouflage Poncho, Photography by Small Green Door Creative Branding Agency in Los Angeles


DOPE came to us with a goal of elevated streetware, but in need of imagery that differentiates them within a competitive market. We collaboratively formed a image-making strategy that would emphasize the articles of clothing themselves as works of art. We executed marketing photo shoots with dramatic lighting and simplified backgrounds in order to achieve this effect.

Floating Boxes of DOPE Hats and Shirts with Shadows, Lifestyle Photograph by Small Green Door in Los Angeles


DOPE went on to use this imagery in their e-commerce website in experimental ways that weren't working on the platform they were on. They came back to us looking for a web solution so we transferred their website to the Shopify platform. This platform seamlessly integrated with their inventory and shipping while allowing us to create unique user experiences. With both photography and web design in the same studio, we achieved a cohesive and brand-consistent look across platforms.

Laydown photography of DOPE sweatpants, hat, and sweater, social photography by Small Green Door Creative Agency Los Angeles
Black DOPE Hat on Silver Box, Art Direction and Photography by Small Green Door in Los Angeles