Sa Sante is an all-natural, cruelty-free lotion made specifically for the vaginal area. Each ingredient is hand-selected and each bottle is handmade to deliver an effective, soothing product that isn’t afraid to be vocal about women’s healthcare.


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Sa Sante came to Small Green Door for direction. They had a great product but needed help finding its identity and connecting to its demographic. Our writers and designers worked alongside its founder to come up with a name, create a logo, and an overall aesthetic of the brand before its public launch.

Since the products are all for women, we needed the brand to cater to the same. Our team picked the name Sa Sante, which is French for “Her Health.” This name incorporates the product’s purpose while giving it the high-end, European feel the client wanted.


After creating the brand’s identity, our team translated that into its packaging. We created a simple, minimalist design that incorporates elements of nature as a reflection of the product itself. Leaves adorn the box as an indication of its natural, plant-based ingredients while wispy lettering acts as its branches. A wood-patterned cap adds subtle detail to the clean, simple white bottle without weighing it down.


Our team shot the product on location in preparation for its launch. We wanted to shoot the product in an elevated home environment to give consumers the chance to visualize it in their own living space. The bottle was placed on the side of marbled bathroom sinks, in the shower, on nightstands, and other areas around the home set. The crisp, sophisticated images were used in their advertising and website design.