Urban Chalet promo poster of lobby office designed by Los Angeles creative studio Small Green Door


Urban Chalet offers upscale design and project management services for a range of professional clients. A curated selection of individual pieces is available for purchase online.


Identity, Brand Strategy, Interactive Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development


The first step of Urban Chalet’s digital redesign was to create a new logo. We started this process with an investigation into color. The Small Green Door team created 6 different color palettes using eucalyptus leaves, gold leaf, and charcoal while juxtaposing elements with matte and shiny surfaces. Those were used as reference for what the logo and mark would look like.

Once we settled on a color scheme, we shifted towards the conceptual elements of the logo. What constitutes a dwelling? What makes a workspace and home space comfortable? At the core it is a roof over your head. A triangular roof is iconic of a chalet so we took gestural approach to making this roofline with a high-design feel. A simple brush stroke with quick hand creates this mark. The soft, delicate color scheme balances the strong logo and capturing the dynamic between a personal chalet and urban life.

Island kitchen counters with designer stools for Urban Chalet designed by LA creative studio Small Green Door


Urban Chalet approached us with the goal of transforming an outdated business website into a modern, interactive e-commerce platform. The challenge of this goal was cater to two separate clientele on the same website: professional clients seeking design services and consumers interested in buying select items. In order to integrate these audiences, we encouraged Urban Chalet to orient the website towards design advice. The site presents design spaces and educates people on how design works while allowing them to purchase key items within the examples.

Instead of relying on an e-commerce model, this approach promotes interior design and commercial business without excluding end consumers. The result is an e-commerce platform that feels more like reading an interesting article than walking into a store.

Desktop computer with Urban Chalet images brand development by Small Green Door